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We assist truck owners (logisticians, forwarding companies, carriers) in the optimization of the energy costs of their vehicles. We seek to provide the most economical solutions for truck buyers in times of new EU regulations for trucks and increasing socio-economic pressures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Presently, we support our customers in the optimization of the daily energy consumption of their fleets, based on real consumption. Furthermore, when purchasing a new vehicle, we allow for a transparent insight into the most economical options available, through intelligent data analysis, independent of manufacturers.

Through our web application we enable:

  1. The simulation of real consumption for an individual application ("benchmark"), and a comparison with the current real consumption in order to identify potential savings in current operation. After all, the cheapest energy is the one that is not used.
  2. We also emphasize a prioritization of various drive options (diesel drive, gas drive, battery drive, hydrogen drive, etc.) based on all relevant parameters. As a result, truck users have transparent insight into which drive is best suited for their individual application, and can use this information to make a manufacturer-independent purchase decision.

The Camideos team, comprised of four industrial engineers, is characterized by sound training in analytical, technical and business management.

Our tool serves a growing niche in the transport sector (purchase of heavy commercial vehicles), with an estimated total annual turnover of approx. 4 billion euros in Germany alone. The tool can be deployed either as a pay-per-use or through subscription. In addition to the web application, Camideos provides consulting services to jointly design a futuristic fleet of logistics service providers. For this, fleet and transport data are evaluated in order to investigate and jointly implement the use of alternative drive technologies. In doing so, we aim to make freight transport more sustainable in the long term and thereby, reduce transport emissions.

Further information on Camideos can be found at and for direct contact to the company you can use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..