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SciMo stands for the development of electric high performance propulsion systems with a focus on motors, inverters and gearboxes. SciMo is creating high performance electric motors with highest efficiencies. The product area of SciMo is as well extended to services around electric motors like the electromagnetic design, mechanical calculations, CAD constructions and the manufacturing of prototype motors. The unique performance characteristics of our motors are reached via the key technologies of:

  • Copper fill factors above 80% using distributed windings
  • Innovative cooling concepts, such as indirect cooling of the copper windings

SciMo electric motors are being built and used since the year 2013. Our motors can reach a peak power density of more than 17 kW/kg and a permanent power density of 10 kW/kg. The SciMo technology is suitable for all applications with highest demands for power density and efficiency. SciMo motors have been extensively tested in the Formula Student and proved highest quality standards.

SciMo can offer perfectly harmonised propulsion systems with its high performance motors In combination with ideally parameterised inverver platform and the newly added in-house gearbox development. SciMo can rely on powerful toolchains for design and calculation, modern CNC machines for manufacturing and test-stands for fast realisation and validation of prototypes.

Motor UmrichterInverter and electric motor from own develoment and manufacturing

Futher information about Simutence is available on Please use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for direct contact to the company.