A central goal of the High Performance Center is the transfer of scientific findings into economic and societal implementation: From invention to innovation!

One main mechanism in this regard is the cooperation with external partner for implementation. Those partners can be part of the research project, which produces the new insights or gain access to the knowledge later through consultation or licensing.

A second branch are spin-offs respectively start-ups: Researchers take the entrepreneurial initiative themselves and found a spin-off company to transfer their own scientific findings into products or services and offer them on the market. They can rely on a variety of support mechanisms from their research institutions for that founding process.

Of course, we maintain close contacts to the companies, which have emerged from the research environment of the Profilregion – High Performance Center for Mobility Systems. They act as partners in research projects, counterparts for strategic discussions or contractors to provide highly specialized products and services for our research activities.

In the sidebar you find links to information about some selected spin-off companies from the environment of the High Performance Center, which are connected to us in close partnership and cooperation.